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I’m on visual complexity ////////////////////////////////////////////////

Lundi 27 août 2007

I’ m glad to be on visual complexity with HyperGraph research project whereas it was just a research…
direct page on my visual complexity

And i’m working for 1 month on other Hard Drive representation : Hard Flowers project.
Maybe, i will updated later when i will finish the works.

Thanks to who had link me on visual complexity.

SlideShow Maker //////////////////////////////////////////////////

Vendredi 17 août 2007

Many times, some friends asked me to have a speed SlideShow with 25 fps. And I always had to build it for there personal folder. So I decided to build a SlideShow Maker which scan your hard drive in order to get all images you need. So with this software you can put infinit pictures in a slide show, choose your fps for a simple render or to record a movie, with a high frequence in full screen. I hope they will be happy …
Get the Software

An exemple of a recording with 20 fps

+1 Million Lines by Process ///////////////////////////////////////////////

Mercredi 15 août 2007

Edition 20 pages
Format : 200 x 200 mm
Papier : Antalis chromomat, 200g/m²

+1 Million Lines by Process.pdf
1 Million Lines by Process 1 Million Lines by Process1 Million Lines by Process1 Million Lines by Process1 Million Lines by Process

Hard Flowers //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Samedi 4 août 2007
I’m working on Hard Drive representation for two weeks with processing (extend of my HyperFolder work). I built something like a scanner which is reading the structure of your folders and files, and I want to build an abstract representation of this architecture, to have an image of my computer, my virtual workspace. And maybe, later some image of your workspace (please send me capture, i will show them in exhibition)But there is a lot of possible representations, and I decided to build a flower tree for “Seconde Nature” exhibition in September at Aix-en-Provence.
I will have to work more on this project, but now, I have something to show…

Processing source : Hard Flowers.rar (only work on pc)

hard flowers

Maybe, later, i will build a 2D representation for interactive way in your hard drive, because i don’t understand why there is nothink like science fiction on my OS. (and i can’t build interactivity in 3D)