1 000 000 Vertex - VBO using GPU


I will ask the geeks ?
How do you draw 1 Million vertex, 60 times for a second with processing ?
Befor i was responding that’s impossible… and i was so much frustred by that…I’m really exited to have found the powerfull Opengl draw methode…
Stop using pushMatrix() and drawing methode…
I will use a metaphor : Imagine you want to send something to another country… here country are hardware and something are vertex.
How do you process it ? Like it’s explain in the processing manual is :
From the Cpu (processor) put a vertex in an aircraft, send it to the Gpu (graphic card), and send it to the screen…
Well, now if i want to send 1000 vertex… will you send it one by one… then you have an aircraft with 1000 places. And the trick go more far… You just need to send it one time, and after just call the graphic card to send it to the screen.
So like geek we are, we call the Gpu 1000 task to draw the buffer.That is call the VertexBufferObject…