3D Mouse picker - VBO - 200000 interactives objects

Well, here a demonstration of my EasyGUI librarie (that I will probably publish a day) to easly create graphical interface. First I had create this lib based on a 2D use(like swing) to easly create button (never had show demo) for processing (cause if found the existing GUIlib very un-usable and not skinable) - (Most of studients code the gui themself to have specifique rendering), thats why I was thinking about easy implementation of object with Interface to skin event and drawing on it, http://easydesign.fr/easygui/ -hold version-.But 2 weeks ago I had started to implement my VBO research to this lib.
It produice a 3D environnement with more than 1 Million of object in space (here no change between VBO research - see previous post-). So I had extend the mouse of the lib to a 3DMouse listener to performe 3D hit test on objects. Now it result 200000 interactives 3D objects (-more it’s gone under 58 fps-)….
Fabulous….Well, that was the technical part of my research, I sure have to work more on it but I’m already exited with the idea to implements more rendering, easy shader…, and to finaly be able to build project based on that (like Hyperonyme)

Here : 3DPicker_v0.03.zip (2Mo - Multiplateforme)